Nadia. 18. From Ukraine. EXOOOfanfantaoluhanniehunnieyeoliiebaekkiejonginkyungsoobaozisuhoochenxingxing!!!111!1!!!!1!!!111one!!1! i like it. yehet :в wahahahah. and.. kkaebsong ok I'll just leave this here anddddd have a nave a nice day. or night. or... ok
EXO finding out they murdered someone in their sleep.


Suho: B-but I’m a good boy.

Kai: Oh my god… that’s not blood on my hands…it’s ketchup….right? Shit.

Chanyeol: I’m going to hell.

Tao: Geez Idk why everyone is freaking out….. it’s just murder.

Luhan: Guys question. If you accidentally kill someone, you don’t have to go to…

[UNSEEN] Kai, Suho and Baekhyuncr. rightful ownervia 阿當_Ahdong 

Overdose ; <3